Automate Your Detailing or Tinting Business

Business & Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing & Sales

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) robot that books appointments for you
  • Auto-message sales pitch for upsells
  • Auto-message to sell gift certificates
  • Auto-followup on leads (drip campaigns)
  • Ask for referrals automatically
  • Auto second chance offer if they ask to cancel an appointment
  • Run contests with automatic lead followup consolation offers
  • Auto-submit CARFAX reports for services


  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) robot that books appointments for you
  • Ask for Google reviews automatically
  • Bad weather automated notices & actions (ie. cancel or reschedule)
  • Auto-message waitlist customers if someone cancels or no-shows
  • Auto-message customers who no-show to get them to book again

Accounting & Payments

  • Payment received notices
  • Invoice reminders
  • Monthly account statements
  • Accountant report
  • Staff time worked calculations
  • Staff commissions calculations

Reporting & Insights

  • Daily operations rundown email
  • Weekly operations rundown email
  • Monthly leads & bookings reports email
  • Daily Financial summaries email
  • Inventory reminders (for your chemicals etc.)
  • AI inventory system that can auto-order when you’re running low

Automate your bookings

Artificial intelligence in the OrbisX CRM for detailers will scan your calendar constantly looking for slow days coming up (even weeks ahead) and when the AI robot identifies some slow days, the robot will reach out to your customers automatically to book them in for those available spots. Of course you wouldn’t want the AI robot to make all the decisions and this is why you can set rules and parameters for the AI robot to follow. 

For example, you can tell the AI robot to contact customers who last came in for a detailing 6 months ago and only book them on a Tuesday or Wednesday and only if the calendar has less than 3 appointments.

Then you can create another rule for 12 months with a different message or another rule for ceramic coating or some other service you offer. Once you setup your rules, the AI robot will get to work learning your business, your slow and busy periods and the AI robot will become part of your sales staff – except you don’t have to pay the robot and she never sleeps or takes breaks.

Automate your inventory

The OrbisX AI inventory management system is the best way to keep track of your internal inventory, chemicals, products and more to streamline your business and have purchase orders automatically sent to your suppliers and vendors so you don’t have to worry about your inventory anymore!

Integrates with the platforms you need for success!