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Setup CPOS Terminal for In-Person Payments

Step 2: Download and Install PIC Middleware app

Download & install the PIC Middleware App for Android:

You will need to allow installing from unknown sources to install the PIC Middleware App. After installation you will be prompted for a login. Enter androidtest for both the username and password.

Once you login you will see a screen that looks like this:

Make sure to select the settings that look like the above screenshot on the PIC Middleware app except for the IP address and the Port which you will instead use the values from your specific terminal. Leave this app screen open for the next step as you will now get the values from your CPOS terminal to enter in the IP address and Port fields.


Step 3: Turn on Your Terminal and Install PIC Middleware app

Once your terminal is on, navigate to the Apps screen by clicking the Apps button from the dashboard like the screenshot below (button is bottom left):


Next, click on Beta Apps at the bottom from the screen like this screenshot and install the PIC Middleware app:


Once installed, open the PIC Middleware app on your terminal and you will see a screen showing you the IP address and Port for the terminal. Enter these values on your mobile device in the screen that looks like this on your Android device and click to save settings.

Step 4: Pair Your OrbisX App with the Terminal to Start Taking Payments

The next step is to open up your OrbisX app and start a test payment which will pair the device with your OrbisX app on the Android device. To do so, open up or create an invoice. Click on the +Payment button to open the payment popup window. Then choose the CPOS In-Person option. From the payment page you can now click the Send to CPOS Terminal button. A transaction should initiate and pair the devices together.

If you run into trouble with setup, please email support@orbisx.com or customerservice@cpos.com and we can happily walk you through the process to ensure you are up and running in no time :)