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Upsell Exclusions for Services & Packages

This update is awesome! The video explains it all but I’ll try in words here too. Let’s say you have an upsell for Windshield Chip Fix and it’s attached to Detailing services. That’s great. But what happens if a customer chooses Windshield Replacement as a service too? Well previously they would still see the Chip Fix upsell because they have selected detailing. But that doesn’t help to upsell a chip fix if they are replacing the whole windshield.
In comes service & package exclusions for upsells. Now I can add Windshield Replacement to the service exclusions and then if someone chooses Detailing they will see the Chip Fix upsell. But then if they also choose Windshield Replacement … voila the Chip Fix upsell disappears.
Ohhh it’s sooo good and the possibilities are endless. Imagine pet hair is an upsell for exterior detailing but then someone chooses an interior detailing promo that includes pet hair removal. Well now you can hide that upsell in this scenario.