Mobile App and Devices

Works on All Your Devices

The OrbisX auto shop CRM has been carefully crafted to work on all of your devices from your laptop or home computer to your mobile devices so that you are always connected to your business. Anything you can do in OrbisX on your laptop you can do on your mobile devices without limitation.

SMS Chat with Customers

Sometimes customers have questions. With the help of one of our integration partners, Twilio, you can send automated appointment confirmations and reminders via SMS text. There is also a professional chat application built into the OrbisX system so customers can ask questions and you can read/respond right from within the app.

Notifications Wherever You Are

With automated appointment confirations, reminders, cancellations, SMS messages and reports, you will always be in the loop on what’s going on with your business.

Make better business decisions and react quickly with real-time notifications.

Works on All Major Platforms & Browsers

Everyone has their preference of browser and operating system. The OrbisX system works on all major platforms and browsers. Android users can download the free app from the Google Play Store and iOS users can use the Safari browser for the best mobile experience.

All other devices, platforms and devices can use one of your favourite browsers. With our responsive design, the OrbisX system adapts to the technology you use.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play depending on your device.

Do More with the Family of OrbisX Apps

Tap That App

The OrbisX Tap That app allows you to program and redeem physical gift cards with the OrbisX CRM for detailers, tinters, PPF and ceramic installers. This helps bridge the gap between offline and online transactions while providing an easy to use interface for you to harness the power of physical gift cards in your business.

Chatterbox Calling App

The OrbisX Chatterbox app allows OrbisX members to communicate with their customers via phone calls, SMS, and MMS with video and image sending and call logs. This dedicated phone app integrates with your OrbisX account to harness the power of your Twilio account that is integrated with OrbisX for crystal-clear voice calling and reliable SMS/MMS messaging services to text and chat with customers for your business.