The Detailing Master Class

FREE e-book & audio book for detailers outlining the blueprint for starting, managing and growing a super-successful detailing business – whether you have a shop, you’re mobile or both

100% FREE Blueprint for Success

Chapter 1: Get Started

6 sections

About the author, our successful shop Auto World and how we setup our business for success. Learn how to identify your customers, which products and tools you actually need and how to overcome obstacles you may face when starting or running your business. You will also learn how to handle situations where something goes wrong with a customer to turn things around to your benefit.

Chapter 2: Get Out There

19 sections

This chapter focuses on marketing your business in virtually every way possible. Throughout the 19 sections in this chapter you will learn strategies and methods that deliver exceptional results and will ensure that your business is in front of every possible customer in your service area. We cover everything from social media, websites and landing pages to print material, car dealerships, local charities, upsells/cross-selling and more. This is the core of the book and will setup your business to receive a steady and growing stream of customers.

Chapter 3: Get Organized

7 sections

This chapter discusses ways to make your business more efficient and streamlined from the right software, live chat, automation, artificial intelligance and managing your inventory to speeding up your details with the right processes and more.

Chapter 4: Get More

4 sections

This chapter deals with expansion plans such as hiring staff, opening multiple locations, training staff and even discusses the importance of an exit strategy such as retiring, selling your business, franchising or hiring someone to run the whole show.

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